VPACK Immunity Defense Kit

Herbal Immune Support

The VPack Immunity Defense™ Kit includes herbal ingredients that are delivered in a 10 day course of concentrated Potentilla, Blackberry leaves, Acerola and Peppermint tea.

This kit also includes a 5-day powder supplement program of Potentilla arguta, Elderberry, Astragalus, Acerola, and Echinacea.

All are delivered at high concentration levels to maximize the acute immune support effects.

NOTE: While this is not a medication, it should be initiated at first sign of cold/flu symptoms, or known interaction with any viral carrier.
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VPACK Immunity Defense

Part of the Regenr8 Epigenetic System

Epigenetics works with your specific DNA sequence to provide your genes with all of the resources they need to be as productive and effective as possible.  In other words, beneficial chemical modification through the Regenr8 system kickstarts your DNA, your genes, your unique makeup to provide you with the most benefit possible. Epigenetics is a vast field, with many different areas of study. At its core however, Epigenetics is the study of DNA and the human genome, the fundamental building blocks that make you who you are. We have utilized that same scientific method to bring you Regenr8, a total wellness solution using the most effective science and data available. 

The Regenr8 Process

  • Customized Regenr8-ive Nutrition Report™

    Our Customized Regener8-ive Nutrition Report is a revolutionary approach to personalized nutrition that optimizes body function, performance, and overall well-being by understanding how a person’s unique, environmentally-impacted gene expression determines the nutritional requirements of their body.

  • Fasting and Stem Cell Regeneration

    “Step Two” of the Regenr8 Program is our TRF. The Regenr8-ive Fast Program is designed to produce fasting results, without actually fasting. Your patients/clients will achieve all the benefits of fasting without starvation.

  • Optim8 Custom Nutrition

    Customized nutrition is “Step Three” in the Regenr8-ive Lifestyle Program. Once your patients/clients receive their Epigenetic Signature Mapping Report, our team of expert formulators will create a product you can stand behind. An organic, gluten-free, non-gmo, personalized superfood nutrition blend that meets the nutritional needs for each of your patients/clients individually.

Joe Catalano Headshot Square

Joseph Catalano


Dr. Catalano is one of the only Regenr8 specialists in the area. For individuals interested in this incredible system, please contact Dr. Catalano directly!

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