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Modern medicines are powerful tools, but they can be very harmful.

You can protect yourself and your loved ones by requesting help from a Doctor of Pharmacy.

There are more than 8 million harmful drug reactions a year, according to The Institutes of Medicine.

A conservative estimate of the annual death toll from adverse events is 15,000 and growing. This number has increased 2.7 times over 10 years – NOT counting opioid related problems.

Anyone can have a bad drug experience, but if you take 4 or more medications it is over 45%.

30% of hospitalizations are due to medication.

24% of all medications taken are inappropriately.

Harmful drug events cost $290 Billion and climbing.

Consumers purchased $34 Billion in over-the-counter medicines in 2016. 25% is either wasted or not the best choice.

Pharmacists save money plus help you feel better faster. Call on us!
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