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Thyroid Hormone Therapy. More than half of all people with Thyroid Disease are unaware of their condition, and the risk increases with age. Hypothyroid individuals may not be diagnosed for years despite having some or all of the following symptoms:


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COVID-19: We Care. As medical professionals, your health and wellness is our priority. That’s why we continue to follow the guidelines presented by the Center for Disease control both inside our business and within our community. We have also developed


Not Just For Humans

At ApothiCare360, your pets are our patients, too! When you treat your customers like family, there is nothing you would not do for them. That is why we strive to provide you, as well as your pets, with exceptional care.

Estrogen and testosterone chemical structure

Mens and Womens Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy for Women: Hormone replacement therapy is used to help balance estrogen and progesterone in women around the time of menopause. Also known as hormone therapy (HT) or menopausal hormone therapy (MHT), hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help relieve

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What is Compounding and how can it help you?

Compounding is the creation of a customized pharmaceutical preparation – a drug – by a licensed pharmacist to meet the unique needs of an individual patient when commercially available drugs are not effective or available In medicine, some patients do

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